Squashille pakit, paini takaisin olympialaisiin

Kansainvälinen olympiakomitea tarvitsi vain yhden äänestyksen äänestääkseen painin takaisin olympialajiksi. Squash ei siis tällä kertaa noussut olympialajiksi Buenos Airesin kokouksessa, syyskuussa 2013.

WSF:n tiedote:
World Squash Federation (WSF) President N Ramachandran, who led the Squash presentation at today’s IOC Session in Buenos Aires, admitted that he was heart-broken at the decision.

“Today’s decision is heart-breaking for the millions of Squash players around the world, particularly given the 10-year journey we have been on to join the Olympic Games Sports Programme,” said President Ramachandran.

“As the only new Olympic sport on today’s shortlist, we believed Squash offered something for the future and I still hope that our inclusion may still be possible.”

“The feedback we have received from many IOC members for our campaign and our presentation has been very positive and I am encouraged by the vote we received today. We have much to offer the Olympic Movement and I am hopeful that today is not the end of our Olympic journey.”

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